Emerging Tech in VR/AR


There are many emerging yet interesting parts assisting how human beings visualize and interact with the digital world, including display systems, optics & electronics, IMUs and sensors, real-time rendering, tracking, haptics, multimodal human perception and depth perception, stereo rendering, presence. This course’s emphasis on VR/AR/MR technology. Course Goals: This is a technical class. Students will learn about all hardware (optics, electronics, display, microcontroller, …) and software (JavaScript, WebGL, Python) aspects of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR).

The goal for this class is to learn all of these aspects in a hands-on manner. Each assignment is a small piece of a bigger project. The goal for each student or small team of students is to build a fully functional head mounted display, including optics, display, IMU, rendering, lens distortion shader, model loader etc., from off-the-shelf parts.